Current Research

1.  The role of social stressors on the health and adaptation of immigrant and REM populations:

      • This project seeks to assess the impact of discrimination and other social stressors on immigrant and racial ethnic minority (REM) groups’ well-being and social adaptation, and moreover determine the factors that mitigate as well as exacerbate their effect.

2.  Health literacy and health behaviors among Latinx in New York City:

      • This project explores levels of health literacy and health awareness among NYC Latinx and identifies how differences in health literacy levels influence health-promoting behaviors in this population.

3.  Understanding markers of Covid-19 preventing behaviors among New York City residents:

      • This project examines the extent to which NYC residents engage in practices that prevent infection and transmission of the Coronavirus and investigates the importance of leadership trustworthiness and empathy in successfully promoting said practices.

4.  Quality in the child-parent relationship and health behaviors/outcomes in adulthood:

      • This project explores how the quality of parent-child relationship, including exposure to harsh parenting or child abuse, relates to health risk practices and health (metal and physical health) in adulthood.

5.  READI: Redressing access to disparities in immunotherapy:

      • The purpose of this project is to identify disparities in the treatment of advanced breast cancer among Black and Latinx women.
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