Below is a list of our current projects:

  • Identifying the social, inter-generational, and environmental stressors that impact health and adaptation of immigrant and REM populations:
    • This project seeks to assess the impact of discrimination and other life stressors on immigrant and racial ethnic minority (REM) groups’ well-being and social adaptation, and moreover determine the factors that mitigate as well as exacerbate their effect. This project also aims to assess identity features that act as determinants of acceptance of immigrants among the majority, and their implications for social policy.
  • Understanding interpersonal predictors of physical health and health promoting behaviors:
    • The purpose of this international collaboration is to identify individual characteristics that promote adherence to health promoting behaviors, and how these impact individual health. Special emphasis is placed on the role of emotional intelligence. 
  • Investigating factors that impact performance in mathematics/statistics courses among at risk individuals:
    • This project seeks to understand the psychological and environmental barriers to performance in mathematics and statistics courses among multiple populations. 
  • Understanding the impact of paternal care and mental health outcomes in adulthood:
    • This project seeks to understand how the quality of father-child relationships impacts mental health in adulthood.