Current Lab Members

Adriana Espinosa

Principal Investigator/ Lab Director
The City College of New York and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Dr. Espinosa is an Associate Professor in the department of psychology at The City College of New York. She is doctoral faculty within the Health Psychology and Clinical Science training area of the Department of Psychology at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her research employs life-course and intersectional frameworks to understand disparities in healthcare access, health behaviors and health outcomes among racial/ethnically minoritized populations.

Zara Khan

she/her/hers | 4th Year Doctoral Student
Health Psychology & Clinical Science, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Zara received her B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Quinnipiac University. She has worked as a research coordinator in the Pulmonary Unit at the Yale School of Medicine, where she analyzed symptoms of anxiety and depression in a cohort with a rare lung disease. Her research interests include women’s health, psychosocial adjustment to chronic illness, and health behavior change.

Wynta Alexander

she/her/hers | 1st Year Doctoral Student
Health Psychology & Clinical Science, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Wynta obtained her B.A. and M.A in Psychology from the City College of New York. She has worked in the ARHAMP lab for three years where previously she examined the differential impact of adverse childhood experiences on clinical outcomes among racial/ethnic minoritized populations and presently is investigating the relationship between parental practices on adult health outcomes, with sex as a moderator among Black emerging adults. Her research interests include stressors over the life course, intersectionality, and racial/ethnic minority health.  

Lukonde Mulenga

she/her/hers | 1st Year Doctoral Student
Health Psychology & Clinical Science, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Lukonde Mulenga is a two-time graduate of the University of Michigan, receiving her B.A. in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience in 2016 and her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Behavior and Health Education, along with a Graduate Certificate in Global Health, in 2018. Afterwards, Lukonde  joined the Program for Research on Women’s Health and Disability (PROWHD), part of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of Michigan Medicine. As a member of PROWHD, she contributed to research on reproductive health, sexual wellness, and disability stigma. In her doctoral studies, Lukonde is interested in studying the sexual attitudes of Black and African women – both in the United States and Zambia – and examining how these attitudes impact current and future sexual health behaviors and relationships.

Lindsay Lebert

she/her/hers | Master’s Student
BA/MA Psychology Program, The City College of New York

Lindsay is currently studying to earn her B.A. and M.A. in Psychology at The City College of New York. She also works as a Registered Behavior Technician at Manhattan Psychology Group. Her research concerns health behaviors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, including preventive health behavior and alcohol consumption. Lindsay’s research examines the role of perceived discrimination, emotional self-efficacy, and trust in leadership.

Kimberly Velazquez

she/her/hers | Master’s Student
General Psychology, The City College of New York

Kimberly is a Master’s student in her final year and currently works at Columbia University as a Student Research Program Coordinator. She has worked at the intersections of healthcare and administrative sectors. Her research interests revolve around the in-depth exploration of crucial societal elements, encompassing a sense of community, depression, anxiety, and perceived discrimination. Kimberly is resolute in her mission to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in understanding and reducing racial and ethnic disparities in mental health.

Rodayne Williams

he/him/his | Master’s Student
General Psychology, The City College of New York

Rodayne is a first-year Master’s student and a graduate of Fisk University where he earned his B.A in Biology. As a Research Analyst, Rodayne has worked on studies examining the effect of numerous factors (e.g., sleep quality) on health outcomes in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His research interests include addiction and recovery, immigration, and how that impacts health choices and outcomes.

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